Internal Flames, mixed media on paper, 24 X 18 inches

Internal Flames, mixed media on paper, 24 X 18 inches



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Robert Wilson's exceptional oeuvre of drawings and paintings has re-kindled the mystery and the spiritual in abstract and conceptual art making. He uses innovative color, black and white line and brush paradigms and layered space to sculpt an echo of natures's powerful invisible grace, beauty and rhythms.

Observing each artwork fosters unexpected joy of mind and soul that serves as a vital inspiration as a member of the human community. Throughout art history artists have illuminated and founded numerous genres in art and abstractions. Today the contemporary art movement is filled with creative loyalty, following collectively the 'imitative' in art. The enriching vital works created by artist Robert Wilson does not signify any 'mimic'. He creates from his vision concepts that are visual spiritual manifests. In summary Wilsons art has a solitary voice, is musical, poetic and free.